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Registration and Payment


Thank you for booking!!


Refunds are not typical. Our camps are limited to a maximum number of 20 participants. The experience is designed around that number.   

If, due to extenuating circumstances, you must cancel, you will not be given a refund, but will be issued a credit toward future camps.

You pay for the full week and are not credited or refunded for partial attendance.

Forge does not offer refunds or credits for late starts, early pick-ups or partial cancellations due to air quality issues or inclement weather.

Inclement weather and Air Quality Policy:


Know that we do our best to run programs as safely as possible given inclement weather. These calls are made on a day-by-day basis and your main contacts will be notified of any changes two hours before the start of that day's programming. 

Weather, especially air quality, is unpredictable. We reserve the right to shift the day's program location, operate indoors, or call a late start or early pick-up based on unsafe conditions. 

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