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Educating Remarkable Young Men

 Each Forge graduate will be prepared to take their place as a leader in a complex world and work force.

Wandering Traveler


Forge Education

Forge is structured around hands-on experiential learning methods and is available to young men in middle and high school.


Forge Experience

Situated on 11 acres in the Central Oregon high desert, our learning environments are both inside and out.


Graduation Thresholds

In order to graduate from Forge, one must exemplify the standards required of next generation leaders.

I hated every single other school I went to. They made me feel dumb and stressed out. Forge makes learning fun. They don’t make me memorize stuff and it’s not just some lecture we have to listen to. The Forge teachers are awesome because they teach us things we can make sense out of and that actually help us learn. Forge helped me realize that I’m not dumb. I’m smart! And I can learn new stuff! And it’s not stressful. 
We get to take breaks often and sometimes we go on fun learning adventures. Plus, they have dogs and horses that help calm me if I’m ever feeling stressed.

Raddish; 8th Grade Learner

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