Front and center to each student’s Forge educational experience is a digital portfolio. The student portfolios will capture learning, be a platform for the collection of their work, a place to share learning, set goals, seek feedback and showcase their achievements. These portfolios will expand as the students grow over the years.  The portfolios are designed to meet the individual student’s career and/or college aspirations.  The technology platform for these portfolios will be a proprietary technology specific to Forge.

We assess the students 3 ways at Forge:

Teacher Assessment:

Because we have a 1:5 teacher to student ratio, teachers will continually be guiding and evaluating the students.  Specific to the digital portfolios, they will be looking at the portfolio structure, content, innovation and creativity, and its usability and aesthetics.  They will also be evaluating the student’s problem-solving skills, critical thinking and general expression of empathy, being generous and considerate of others.

Self Assessment:

Each student will be responsible for assessing their skill development, i.e. ability to take initiative, use of digital tools, problem-solving, critical thinking, and impact on others.

Learning Summit Assessment:

Students will present their Independent Project to a panel of outside subject matter experts.  These experts will assess the students on their subject matter expertise, ability to describe their project, demonstrate evidence of work, content and skills required to complete the project and reflections on the project and their experience.