August 18, 2021

School is a Possibility Space

Somewhere along the way, we all got a little sideways regarding the purpose of “education”. While standards and certifications are important, they miss the mark (by quite a bit) on what matters most.
And, undoubtedly the last two years have inexorably exacerbated the situation. Most of us don’t just fret being “left behind”, we feel completely lost about how our kids will ever “catch up”; not to mention, compete on a rapidly shifting global stage.
But all of this discourse misses the fundamental premise and promise of “school”:
— a space where kids can discover their passions, develop a confident sense of self and create a unique path and place in this world.
At it’s essence, this is why we started Forge. To build an environment where each and every kid can tap fully into her/his potential.
Potential is all about unlocking a kid’s genius. What are the ideas that light you up? What are the problems you most love to solve? What are the tools that allow you to pursue and express your biggest dreams?
Genius and education are rarely, if ever, mentioned in the same sentence. We aim to change that forever. The question isn’t, “if your kid is smart”; instead, the focus is on “how your kid is smart”. Whether mechanical or visual, artistic or scientific, each of us possesses the talent and ambition to do anything that we set our hearts and minds to.
As we embark upon our inaugural school year, our charter is to provide a possibility space where our teachers have the creative license to spark an insatiable desire to learn and grow in each of our students. So that they arrive at adulthood with a wellspring of confidence in who they are and all that lies ahead.

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